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Sippy Discovers: 5 UAE Coffee Shops That You Can Work From

Whether you're lucky enough to have a desk-free job, or just want to get some work done outside of the office in a relaxing setting, a coffee shop is a perfect local to be productive in. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the perfect caffeine laden beverage being just steps away, makes for an irresistible siren's call. Keep those creative, and productive, juices flowing with a little help from your favorite types of brew in these 5 UAE coffee shops.

Cafe Rider

Custom bikes and quality specialty coffee collide in this incredible cafe. Motorcycle enthusiasts will love the décor. Custom bikes are on display amid giant comfy leather couches and industrial style design touches. If you've got work to do, don't fear the heavy growl of motorcycle engines. This place is definitely peaceful enough to allow your concentration to remain intact. Coffee enthusiasts will love the number of choices to get their caffeine fix. There's a tempting expresso menu. Cafe Rider also specializes in different brew styles. They offer everything from a V60 pour over, to AeroPress, to cold brew.


This Dubai coffee shop has a perfect atmosphere for getting some work done. The décor is both warm and modern. There's plenty of comfy couches and inviting seating. The blend of natural woods, touches of green via various potted plants, and pleasant color palate, make it a nice space to spend some time. If you have to be working, this cafe is way better than a cubicle. As for the coffee, it's top notch. You'll have plenty to choose from as well. The menu boasts everything from pure coffee, inventive cold brew concoctions, and even a Nutella espresso.

No. Seven Retro

With bragging rights as the first specialty coffee shop in Al Khawaneej, Retro 7 provides the ultimate work-away-from-work setting. This is also the only coffee shop in the UAE that has 7 varieties of single origin beans at any given time. Few places take specialty coffee as seriously as this shop does. Their passion is kind of infectious and might just inspire you to work harder.

The Edit

Part coffee shop, part art gallery, and part consumer's paradise, The Edit can provide a nice space to get some work done. You'll find yourself surrounded by some fine things. Only in this sort of concept arena can you find original designer clothing and specialty organic coffee, being sold side by side. It's different enough from your typical coffee shop to shake things up a bit. The coffee is delicious, and the cafe and lounge portions of the space are quiet and comfortable Though, you might be tempted to blow your paycheck on what's for sale in the other sections of the shop.

Bagel Yard

If you want the best bagels in Dubai, many people will tell you that this is your place. However, if you're also looking for a perfect coffee spot that makes for a good work environment, Bagel Yard fits that bill too. The setting here is simple and charming. The clean lines, and design scheme that relies heavily on elements all in white, make for a tranquil setting. It's a modern space that pulls off being warm, rather than sterile. Come thirsty. The Bagel Yard offers everything from Chemex, to V60, iced coffees, lattes, and beyond.

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