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5 V60 Gadgets Sippy Loves

If you've never had coffee prepared with a V60, have you even really lived? If you've yet to experience the flavor revolution that a V60 provides, fear not. Sippy's wrangled up 5 amazing gadgets that are perfect for V60 veterans and novices alike. After giving these products a try, you might just decide there's no other way to brew your coffee.

Hario Coffee Dripper and Pot Set

When it comes to V60 style brewing, Hario is the name to know. Hario actually translates to “King of Glass” from Japanese. This set is comprised of a glass carafe and a ceramic dripper. It also comes with some paper filters and a coffee scoop. The price tag is totally wallet friendly, and this would make a perfect gift for any coffee lover. A word to the wise, if you've only begun dabbling in V60 and the “pour over” method of brewing, you might want to check out the next item on our list instead. Though Hario is synonymous with this style of brewing, the pour technique required to consistently achieve fantastic coffee does call for a bit of finesse and know-how. However, with that in mind, it is still an excellent buy. We love that the carafe is heatproof and that it can hold up to 4 cups.

Kalita Wave

If you've just begun to dip your toe into the home version of V60 brewing, then this is the gadget for you. Unlike the cone shape used in the Hario V60, the Kalita Wave sports a flat bottom. This promotes better water drainage. The result is a much more consistently tasty and full-bodied cup of coffee. Think of it as pour over training wheels. This amazing little device can forgive a multitude of sins while you work on perfecting your pour. It is much less finicky than most other V60 type products out there, and still provides excellent extraction. Big results, much less effort. Sippy approves.

Bonavita Digital Variable Temperture Gooseneck Kettle

A good gooseneck kettle is a must have for any V60 style cup of coffee. We love this one for a plethora of reasons. First off, it's electric, so your water will come to the desired temperature in no time flat. Secondly, you can adjust the desired temperature of your contents by a degree at a time. Once you've gotten to that temperature, you can hold it at that point for up to an hour. No more waiting for your water to cool and boil over and over again. There's even a built-in timer to help you keep track of your brewing times. It may be a bit pricey for a kettle, but it's worth every cent.

A Drip Scale

For the perfectionists out there, a drip scale is a must for V60 preparation. It eliminates the guess work, and brings you one step closer to that flawless cup of coffee. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to drip scales. You can find them for as low as 50 AED. There is even a Hario V60 drip scale. However, we love the Acaia version,

https://www.brewinggadgets.com/product_detail.php?p_id=562 which is largely considered the best in the game. Its professional grade promises off the chart accuracy.

Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro

If you're serious about coffee, it's time you got serious about your coffee grinder. This grinder does it all. While it might be a bit of a splurge, it will go a long way towards making sure your adventures in V60 brewing will have consistently amazingly ground beans. It's about as close to a commercial level quality grinder as you're going to get without dropping thousands more. There are 60 different grind settings, giving you ultimate control. If you want to go ahead and buy us one too, we won't be mad.

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