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A Gift Guide For The Coffee Obsessed

Looking to buy a gift for a total coffee lover? Then we've got just the gift guide for you! Check out these 8 amazing coffee-centric items that any coffee lover would be thrilled to receive.

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

For the coffee lover in your life who wants control over every step of the coffee making process, this gift is perfect. Maybe they've mastered the art of the pour-over. Perhaps they've given all new meaning to the word “espresso”.

But have they ever tried to roast their own beans?

They will now.


Double Walled Thermo-Glasses

What coffee lover doesn't enjoy their brew piping hot? Be that as it may, they likely don't so much love burning their fingers on their mug of choice. These gorgeous little cups are heat resistant, insulated, and keep away condensation. This 2.5 oz set is perfect for espresso fiends. However, a set that can hold 8.5 oz of liquid is available for those who prefer their coffee sizes more generous.


Le Nez Du Cafe-Revelation Coffee Kit With 36 Aromas

Do you have that one totally coffee obsessed friend who seems to love being able to list every note they can detect in a cup of coffee? Well, help them up their olfactory game with this kit.

It comes with vials of 36 different aromas to help train the nose to recognize them. There's also a book that discusses aromatic groups and their presence in the world's different coffees. We smell a winner of a gift.



No matter what their skill level, an AeroPress is an excellent gift for your favorite coffee enthusiast. It's affordable, it's easy to use and clean, and it's a lot more beginner friendly than other brewing methods.

But, it's not just for novices, even the pros sing the praises of this wonderful little gadget.


Cool Beans Ice Tray

Anyone who is gaga over iced coffee will totally appreciate this gift. The struggle against watering down iced coffee is real, and you can help put an end to that with these ice trays.

Simply fill the silicone molds up with coffee and soon, you'll have cute little coffee bean shaped frozen brew. No more diluted ice coffee, one very happy giftee.


Freehand Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in an airport can tell you how hard it can be to dash to your gate with a much-needed cup of coffee. Well, this handy little gadget attaches right to the bars of your roll-on suitcase handle.

So now, both you and your coffee can arrive on time, without leaving a trail of spilled coffee across the airport.


Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Friends don't let friends drink hot coffee that has gone cold. Not only does this nifty gadget keep your coffee warm, but it keeps it at the exact temperature that the user specifies.

The mug comes with a charging coaster, and the unit can be controlled by your smart phone. Genius!


3 in 1 Craft Coffee Brewing Set

Choices can be difficult to make sometimes, especially in the morning. Hey, some days you feel like a French press, other days you're craving a cold brew.

Luckily, this miraculous set can help scratch that itch. It also can do a pour over brew. Your coffee lover will appreciate the options, and the extra counter space.


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