How do I use SIPPY?

I am confused, how do I get started with SIPPY?

Not to worry, it's super simple. Download the App, sign up and explore the App’s first page. You'll see our COFFEE SHOPS page displaying a list of specialty coffee shops near your location. When you decide it’s time, you can visit any of the locations and redeem a cup of coffee from the selected coffee shop's menu within the App. To redeem that cup, select a plan that suits you best and you're ready to go! Each plan represents a budget that is added to your digital wallet balance and any plan you purchase comes with FREE credit as a reward for using SIPPY. We will always look for random ways to reward you too, so watch out!

But how do I pay?

Simple dimple – Make sure you register your credit card details. This happens when you attempt to buy your first plan or when you visit MY PROFILE page and select My Cards. You're now ready to buy a plan. Just go to MY WALLET page, pick your plan and follow the steps to complete the purchase and satisfy that coffee craving! Today, we only accept VISA and Mastercard.

So how do I get my coffee?

We thought you’d never ask! It takes three easy steps. First, select your coffee shop from the COFFEE SHOPS page. Second, choose your desired beverage from the menu in the App. Finally, show your phone at the counter to allow the cashier to enter the store’s security code which also ensures that a visual recognition is made and that you are the person they will be serving the beverage.

Can I try your App without buying a plan?

For sure! You can get your first cup on us but you must act fast! For a limited time only, we are rewarding any trend setter who uses the App with a FREE Credit amount when they sign up and register. Try us, you will love us!

Do I need an internet connection to use SIPPY?

We live in the digital world and we are always connected, SIPPY is no different, we need an internet connection to live on, so yes WiFi or Cellular data is needed. But not worry, most of the participating coffee shops have free WiFi, so you should be covered.

What if my GPS is turned off?

The App would still work, the only difference is how the coffee shop locations are sorted at the COFFEE SHOPS page. By using a default location in Dubai set by Google, the App sorts the coffee shops in terms of distance away from that default location. Meaning, if you want to know your nearby coffee shops to appear relative to your actual location, just turn your GPS option on and the App will sort out the rest!

The App keeps crashing, what do I do?

Super sorry! Sometimes it can be as simple as checking that your internet connection or data plan is working. However, if you've tried restarting or re-installing the App and you're still facing a problem, then we'll have to investigate the matter immediately. Please send us an email at info@sippyme.com and tell us what happened and we'll take it from there.

I got a new phone, how do I transfer my plan?

Your information automatically transfers to your new device when you download the App and log-in.

Don’t see the question you want to ask…?

Just drop us an e-mail at info@sippyme.com and we'll do our best to help you out!

What's in a Coffee Plan?

Do I get a discount for buying one of your SIPPY plans?

You betcha! We offer you FREE Credits on most plans you purchase. The more you spend on a plan the more FREE Credits you earn. You can always check how many FREE Credits you’ve earned with us. The more plans you buy the more we look at ways to reward you beyond FREE credits!

I bought a plan, how do I know if I've actually received FREE Credits?

You can find that at MY PROFILE page, it's the first line in that page displaying the amount of FREE Credits Earned up to date.

I bought a SIPPY plan, how long does it last?

The plans offered by SIPPY do not have an expiration date however, a 6 month validity period is normally applied in the event that no activity is evident by the user.

What’s included and What’s NOT included in my subscription plans?

Only menu items listed out in the App’s coffee shop pages can be redeemed. All sizes will be regular and no modifications can be made to your beverage without the approval of the barista or cashier at their discretion. We do not influence their decision to modify or alter your beverage. Some seasonal and limited versions of drinks may not be included as well. At the moment food items are not included, we are working on it.

Do the plans auto-renew?

No, they do not. We'd like you to purchase your plan with total freedom and convenience one plan at a time without worrying about being charged when you don't want a plan.

Can I buy a SIPPY plan for my friend?

We think that’s very thoughtful and a new fresh way of gifting someone on what is typically a daily habit. We are working on this very soon. If you’re on our emailing list then you’ll be the first to know!

More Questions?

I added my credit card and I was charged before buying a plan, why!?

Don’t worry it’s just a precaution. This is called an ‘authorization hold’, and the amount will not actually be charged to your card. It is just a way to verify that your payment method is legitimate and helps us to prevent fraud. This amount will be cancelled after a few days, depending on your bank’s policy.

I just used SIPPY and noticed that your coffee menu prices are higher than the coffee shop’s. Can you explain why?

Most of the times, it is because we have to include the final price including the coffee shop's 5% VAT tax. Most coffee shops will add the tax to your receipt at the final stages long after you've seen the menu price. At other times, it can be possible that we incorrectly added the price to the App during our data entry. If that is the case please let us know and we’ll investigate the matter. If you’re right, watch out for a reward! We’re always grateful for constructive support.

My friend sent me a Ref. Code referring me to SIPPY, what do I get and how do I use it?

Great, someone must really like you! This is part of our Invite & Earn program and only works the first time you purchase a plan. When you receive a referral to download the App from a friend, you will both be rewarded by SIPPY with extra credits which can be added to your digital wallet when you purchase your first plan only. All you have to do is enter the Ref. Code at the ORDER SUMMARY page during the purchase of your first plan.

But what if I have a promo code as well, can I use them both?

Yes! But not at the same time. To get the best of both worlds we advise you to use the Ref. Code first to purchase your first plan and the promo code for the second plan purchase.

Can I see a history of all the beverages I drank or the plans I purchased?

Yes, you can! SIPPY has a TRANSACTIONS page which shows you exactly what and when you redeemed a beverage. A list of all your plans are also there on the same page.

I travel a lot, is SIPPY available elsewhere?

Unfortunately today we are only available in the UAE, but we are looking to offer SIPPY throughout the region soon.

Wanna collaborate?

I own a coffee shop and I want to partner with SIPPY.

Yay! You can get in contact with us via admin@sippyme.com. We are always looking for new coffee shops to partner with and would be more than happy to collaborate with you!

I have the App but there are no coffee shops showing up in my area and I know a few that should be on your list.

The hunt for hidden gems is always exciting and sometimes we miss the best ones! If you’d like us to check out your favorite coffee shop please let us know a little more and we’ll be happy to visit them. You can get in contact with us via admin@sippyme.com.

Our organization would like a package deal for its employees. Does SIPPY make special group offers?

Definitely! Please get in touch with us at admin@sippyme.com and we’ll talk more about your options and how to get your team caffeinated asap!